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Couple Therapy Dubai

Couple therapy can be helpful when it becomes clear that old solutions are no longer effective in resolving current issues. 

When communication problems mount, making it difficult to see one another's perspective or to find ways of solving problems effectively together, couple therapy provides a forum for learning new ways of communicating and clarifying each partner's needs and how they might be more readily met. 

Major life transitions can cause wear and tear on your relationship, highlighting old conflicts and providing momentum for taking stock of the relationship to finding new ways of relating.  Working with your partner in couple therapy can help you work together to articulate expectations, resolve painful family issues and maintain a satisfying well-functioning relationship.

Relationship issues often arise in both long standing marriages and partnerships, as well for those who are newly coupled for those seeking a new relationship.  Among the many strains on a relationship are intimacy issues, problems communicating, perceived power differentials and discrepancies in goals and values.

Often relationship issues arise because of what has been learned in one’s family of origin about how to manage problematic situations.  Frequently old strategies that were effective in this early family context may not serve well in later relationships.  Working with me at CBT Dubai can help determine the nature of current difficulties, clarify the ways in which they relate to old learnings and identify more effective ways of navigating future relationships.

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