I am Australian and educated in Australia.  I studied Psychology at the University of London (Birkbeck College) graduating with Distinction in Social Psychology.  I followed my studies with the Foundation Degree Course in Counseling and Psychotherapy with an emphasis on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Psychodynamic Counseling at Birkbeck, University of London Department of Social Sciences and was accredited by BACP, British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy whilst working in the UK and licensed by DHA. 


I have experience in a variety of areas at community mental health clinics in London and in private practice.  This entailed providing mental health support to both individuals and group sessions, some of these are:-


·        Cognitive Behaviour Therapy can help you for  a  broad range of disorders such as anxiety, anger, depression, diagnosing both bi polar and uni polar, schizophrenia, behaviour disorders.


·        Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for adults and adolescents presenting problems such as alcohol, chemical abuse and personal issues, recommending adjunct and alternative treatments where appropriate.


 I offer complete confidentiality in a relaxed environment at Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dubai.  


My first step towards helping you is understanding your particular situation and your goals for therapy.


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy can help you deal with depression or the grief associated with the loss of a loved one, relationship issues, help you improve your self-esteem and I would like to help you with your personal problem so you can feel more centered and in control of your life.

Independent reviews from the web on 

"Had been referred by a close friend to see Johanna during a bad patch. I had never been to a counsellor or seen the need for one before. Johanna made me feel really comfortable to be able to share my issues with a trustworthy professional and see each facet of the macro problem objectively. She definitely played a big role in my healing process and confidence levels to get back into life fitter, sharper, bolder and happier"
"Johanna is the best by far. She sets goals for you so you know where you are heading. I have had more results in a few sessions with her, than I ever did in countless sessions with others"

Life Changer

"I have been seeing Johanna for some time and she has helped me find myself, settle into life in Dubai, sort through some old issues and she has helpled me take my relationship to a whole new level. I have become a more assertive and mindful person with Johanna's guidance. I have recomended her to everyone I know and would like to recomend her on this website. She has changed my life in a huge way and I am so glad to have taken the advice to go see her"


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